Tkil tkil-sdpm at scrye.com
Fri Apr 23 17:06:31 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Radcliff <chris_radcliff at mac.com> writes:

Chris> I couldn't articulate why it's a Good Idea, but /e only applies
Chris> to the right side of a substitution.

Right; I'm proposing a change to the language.

Chris> In your case, are you hoping to re-evaluate the join() each
Chris> time you use the compiled expression (e.g. if @days were to
Chris> change for some reason)?

No.  I want the /e to take place exactly once: eval the contents of
the qr//, then apply qr to that result (returning the compiled regex
object.)  Maybe some bastard hybrid of "/oe" is really what I'm
looking for...

I really intend for these two statements to have the same result:

   my $re = qr/EXPR/e;

   my $re = do { my $tmp = eval { EXPR } ; qr/$tmp/ };

Chris> If not, why not just do this:

Chris>    my $days = join '|', @days;
Chris>    my $days_re = qr/$days/;

Because this leaves $days in scope for no good reason (that's why I
used the "do" block in the first place).  The "do BLOCK" approach has
exactly the semantics I want; I just wanted it to be shorter and

I suppose I should have simply asked if people thought that /e was a
worthwhile shorthand, or if (as your response seems to indicate) it
would confuse people into think it applied every time the qr object
was used.

Chris> Cheers,
Chris> ~chris (off the top of me 'ead)

Thanks for the feedback, anyway!  :)


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