Color Vs. No Color question

Joel Fentin joel at
Tue Jun 17 15:23:47 CDT 2003

Tkil wrote:

>>>>>>"Joel" == Joel Fentin <joel at> writes:
> Joel> Do I have to use html tags to retain color on all browsers?
> No, you just need to use correct color tags (as someone else already
> pointed out).
> "DDDDDD" is *not* a valid color specification.  
> "#DDDDDD" *is* a valid color specification.

I thought I tested this last night. It did the trick. Appologies to Joe 

> A small plea: unless you have a very good reason to set the background
> color, please don't.  The web is not a printed page, and the rules of
> printed text on reflective medium (e.g., "dark text on light is easier
> to read") do not necessarily apply to a light-emitting medium.

It's not just about background colors. It's about all colors.

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