Fwd: using a subroutine ref w/ strict refs

Chris Radcliff chris at velocigen.com
Wed Oct 17 13:32:40 CDT 2001


Wilson, Doug wrote:

> And in an Apache::Registry script mod_perl environment, I like to put
> functions off in their own module anyway, so you don't end up with
> those 'function redefined' warnings when just the main script changes, or
> those 'variable won't stay shared' warnings when subroutines use
> closures or globals etc.

Straying to a tangent, I recently found out that 'function redefined' 
warnings (previously the bane of my existence) can be shut off by using:

use warnings;
no warnings qw(redefine);

There are tons of similar options listed in the Camel (3rd ed) under the 
Pragmatic Modules section. (Oddly enough, that section is mislabeled 
"Modules" in my copy's thumb-index, while "Standard Modules" is 
mislabeled "Pragmata." Has anyone else noticed the same?)



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