Fwd: using a subroutine ref w/ strict refs

Wilson, Doug Doug_Wilson at intuit.com
Wed Oct 17 12:48:57 CDT 2001


> There's one caveat to this style. It'll break if this code is ever 
> evaluated in a package other than main, so it should be avoided in a 
> mod_perl or other Web server context.

Yeah its not very good OO-style, but it is similar to the
File::Spec module (and there are complaints about that
module's style, which is why another module was written in
a functional style). You put all the functions in a package,
say 'MyPackage', then all calls are made like:

or in this case:

And in an Apache::Registry script mod_perl environment, I like to put
functions off in their own module anyway, so you don't end up with
those 'function redefined' warnings when just the main script changes, or
those 'variable won't stay shared' warnings when subroutines use
closures or globals etc.


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