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Bruce Timberlake bruce at
Fri May 25 15:28:58 CDT 2001

Hi all fellow SDPMs.  Just a quick update on our server (which went
offline a day or two before our last meeting): I have been unable to
contact Mike @UCSD regarding our old web server.  So I have had
point the DNS at my server for the time being.  They just changed it a
while ago; major servers (Earthlink for one) appear to have propogated
already.  But it may take a day or so for it to fully spread.

Downside -- nothing off the old server (personal account-wise) made it
across; I just happened to have a copy of the index.html page on my PC,
and uploaded it to the new server.  So there are no more shell accounts,
etc, right now.  (I'm hosting this on a Sun Cobalt RaQ, which does not
have a "standard" Perl installation.  Plus it's on my iDSL line, so not
much bandwidth is available at the moment either...)

We're working on a more permanent solution; in the meantime you can now
get directions to the meetings, info on how to sign up for the mailing
list (moot if you're reading this, I suppose), and all the usual links,

If anyone knows of some hardware we can build a server on (if we can get
enough drive space, we could do our own CPAN mirror!), or has a company
with bandwidth and an IP address to spare, please let me or Il
Presidente Kleeman (rkleeman at know!  Some sort of free
plug ("Hosted by...", etc) for the generous provider(s) can be arranged
I'm sure...  =:^)

Have a great (and SAFE) weekend!

-- Bruce


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