Converting Month to Num

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Wed Mar 21 19:19:48 CST 2001


...of course, that should have been

# (close brace, not close paren!)
$num = $months{lc($q->param('month'))}; 

And an explanation:  You don't really need the lc function, since 
you are controlling what's in the option list.  So, actually, it boils 
down to 

$num = $months{$q->param('month')};

After you have gotten Joe's solution working, go read up on 
hashes.  They are very simple, and very powerful.  

Then, go read up on anonymous hashes.  They provide you with a 
fabulous way to implement records and other very nifty data 
structures with Perl.  They are slightly more complicated than 
simple, named hashes.  You'll want to grok anonymous arrays, too!


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