T-Shirt code

Bruce Timberlake bruce at brtnet.org
Fri Jun 22 15:42:58 CDT 2001

I haven't seen any more ideas for the shirt since our meeting on
Wednesday... in case people lost it, here's the thread between Bob and
Randal about some possible snippets:

> > (front)
> > use SanDiego::PerlMongers;

> > (back)
> > printf "Just Another %s Perl Hacker,",
> >        "SanDiego.pm" =~ /(\w+)/;

> (front)
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> use SanDiego;
> print "Just ",
>                defined $SanDiego
>     ? "A Local"
>                 : "Another",
>       " Perl Hacker!";

> (back)
> package SanDiego;
> our $SanDiego = {
>    weather        => 'Wonderful',
>    beaches        => 'Beautiful',
>    PerlMongers    => 'SanDiego.pm',
>    conferences    => 'Open Source',
>    electricity    => rand(1),
>    zoo            => 'World Famous',
> };
> 1;

Can we try to reach a consensus so I can do up the design and submit the
image file to Cafe Press before going on vacation July 1??

Also, I've sent email to both Yet Another Society and Cafe Press to find
out about the money donation concept.  Cafe Press does not appear to
have a mechanism in place other than sending checks to the person who
"owns" the store selling the merchandise... I guess this could work;
we'd have to decide who "owns" it and then re-mail the check(s) when/if
they come in...

-- Bruce


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