Stepped in a pile of shirt (webmail woes).

Chris Radcliff chris at
Thu Jul 19 10:51:26 CDT 2001


Kudos to Anthony! That's one great-looking shirt. Count me in for one.

I've set up a PayPal account to handle collections, but it has some
built-in limits that we'll have to keep in mind. Here's how we'll do it:

1. Sign up for a PayPal account of your own.

2. Use the "Send Money" feature to send a $5 deposit (per shirt) to
chris at (me) before 2pm PST today (Thursday the 19th).
If you already have a checking account linked to PayPal, please use that
if you can. PayPal has strict credit card limits (on my end) so I can't
take more than 20 credit card deposits of this size.

Specify the number of shirts and sizes in the "email subject" field of
the PayPal form like this:

Shirts - 1 XL - 1 SM

(See the Cafe Press site ( for sizes
and samples.)

Put any notes about the shirts or delivery options (see below) in the
"Note" field of the form.

3. At 2:30pm, I'll make a next-day order for all the shirts for which
I've received deposits. 

4. After the order is placed, I'll figure out the cost of each shirt and
send you a balance by e-mail. This can be paid two ways:

4a. Hand me a check (or cash) when I hand over the shirt (see below).

4b. Use any non-credit-card PayPal function before I hand over the

5. I'll hand out the shirts at the Perl Conference before Larry's State
of the Onion speech. Larry's speech is at 7pm on Tuesday the 24th, so we
should meet between 6pm and 6:30pm in front of the O'Reilly book booth.
It'll be hard to miss, and I'll be wearing my keen JALPH shirt.

5a. If you're anxious to get your mitts on a shirt early, you can call
me at work (858-622-1164, ask for Chris) to set up a different meeting
time. I'll be at the conference most of next week, but I'll be at work
the rest of the time. (Sleep is for the weak! You will be assimilated!
Er... :)

5b. IMPORTANT! If you don't pay for your shirt by 6:30pm on Tuesday, the
deposit will be used to subsidize the sale of your shirt to the nearest
willing Perl Monger or other interested party. Any shirt left over from
this process will become my property, and I'm likely to be a bastard and
sell them for an even higher price later. If you don't need a shirt
until after the conference, buy it straight from the CafePress site and
use regular shipping.

I think that covers it. Feel free to call me at 858-622-1164 if you have
any questions.


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