Stepped in a pile of shirt (webmail woes).

KILNA kilna at
Thu Jul 19 07:03:53 CDT 2001


Firstly, my apologies for spamming this group with multiple messages (with 
dubious subject lines). The GroupWise webmail client I'm forced to use for 
the account I was subscribed under picked up my "enter" after the subject 
as a send. My bad was allowing myself to make this mistake more than once. 
:) I actually attempted to sent this email a couple more times through 
GroupWise, but then the browser kept on timing out (seems it only wants to 
send embarrassing empty messages for me, not actual ones). Hopefully this 
time will work OK, I subscribed my home account, sans kludgy Novell software :)

OK, I put together what we agreed upon at the meeting, along with 2 (very 
small) uses of artistic licence: Firstly, I added some red to the smaller 
text on the back, and the double-colons on the front. When I actually saw 
the picture of the completed shirt on the site I had a hard time 
concentrating due to my snoring. It needed a little pizazz. I think 
everyone will agree it looks much better with a little zippiness in there. 
Also, Instead of placing the front graphic on the pocket area, I centered 
it on the breast. It seemed a bit off balance with the big black square 
going into the armpit, so I fiddled with it a bit and I think it looks 
better across the front. The back logo is 8"x8" and the front banner is 
1.5"x8". Included are the actual graphics used since Cafe Press doesn't let 
you zoom in.

I may have a need to use CafePress at some time in the future... they give 
discounts to users with popular stores, so I just went ahead and set it up 
myself. If anyone has objections to my "owning" the store (for lack of a 
better term) give me an email and we can figure something out.
I also took the liberty of using the non-TPC-specific back logo to whip up 
a few more products in case anyone really cares. It looked kinda barren 
with just the one shirt there. All of the items listed are at CafePress 
cost (yes, the charge $15 a shirt *before* anyone can make any profit! 
Bastages!!!). At-cost was agreed upon to let us avoid that whole "where do 
we put the money earned" thang.

 From what I remember of the meeting, the consensus was one person would 
place a rush order for however many shirts would be needed, so we could all 
save on shipping and still get the shirts in time for the show. I'm cash 
poor right now since I'm moving, so unfortunately I can't volunteer to be 
the money collector (in fact, I'm so cash poor I may take Mr. Kleeman up on 
his offer to buy the designer of the shirt one of them :)... I think the 
person collecting size requests and money ended up being Bobby or Chris...?

With the shipping it looks like it would probably end up about $20 per 
shirt or so, assuming 10 shirts @ @14.99, 2nd day delivery ($36), and 
$14.87 CA Sales tax. 2nd day will get the shirts to us in time for the 
Larry Wall speech on Tuesday (and of course the Stonehenge party on 
Wednesday). Next day will give us some wiggle room, but will cost about $2 
extra per shirt ($56 shipping instead of $36 for the total 10-shirt order). 
This may give us a little peace of mind that everything will arrive, seeing 
as there's an immutable deadline involved. BTW, if we wanted to save a buck 
we could go back on the ash-grey shirts and go for white, those are $13.99 
instead, but I personally think the grey will look MUCH better.

When and where do folks show up to fork over the ol' moolah? I highly 
recommend PayPal for payment to whoever is collecting of money, since it's 
realtime and people can use credit cards. You can sign up for PayPal at . I'll kick back a 
couple bucks of my referral fee if you sign up through me. :)

-Anthony Kilna


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