and DBI module

Nestor Florez nestor.florez at
Wed Dec 19 20:02:55 CST 2001

Thanks to all I got all the modules that I want working under apache and

Nestor :-)
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From: "Paul G. Allen"
> Nestor Florez wrote:
> >
> > I have Linux 7.2 runnng on my laptop, but I realized that I do not have
> > mod_perl and the perl DBI module install.
> > Where do I get this from.  I do have the installations CD's, but does
any of
> > you know which RPM are needed from the installations CD's so that I can
> > it working with my Apache server instalation.
> >
> The best way to make sure Perl is up to date and to install additional
> Perl packages is to use CPAN. In Linux, this is done interactively by:
> perl -MCPAN -e shell
> Which will put you in an interactive CPAN shell. For more info on CPAN,
> "man CPAN".
> As far as mod_perl, Apache installs with it by default on RH 7.1 and
> 7.2. Do this as root to find out:
> rpm -qa | grep mod_perl
> and if it's installed, you should get something like:
> [root at keroon /usr]# rpm -qa | grep mod_perl
> mod_perl-1.24_01-2
> [root at keroon /usr]#
> You can also browse the RH CD redhat/RPMS/ dir for mod_perl (ls
> *mod_perl*).
> --
> Paul G. Allen


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