function call and fetchrow->array or fetchall->arrayref (newbie)

Vasquez, Mike mike.vasquez at
Mon Nov 27 17:41:57 CST 2000

Not sure to which user group  to ask this question.

Here's the scenerio:

I have 31 machines, each machine has a name ("machine 01", "machine 02",
etc.), each machine has an ip address.
All of this is in an oracle db.

I've connected to the db.
I call:  sub{my (@num) = (0, 1, 5); &whatever(@num)}->(),      #####This sub
will be called 6 times with different values

sub whatever{
   $a = @_[0];
   $b = @_[1];
   $c = @_[2];
   $location = dbh->quote("machine" . " " . $a . '%');
   ###my sql statement is so --
	$sth = $dbh->prepare("
                  SELECT machine_name, ip_address
                  FROM   machines
                  where machine_name like $location              
                  order by machine_name
#### This will return machines 01-09

   while(($macinename, $ip) = $sth->fetchrow_array){
     $testname = $q->param('loc') . ' ' . $a . $b;
###$q->pram('loc') value is "machine"
        if( $testname eq $encname && $b lt $c){
           print $machinename . ' ' $ip . '<br>';

This prints out ...
  machine 01
  machine 02
  machine 03
  machine 04

Problem that I am having is when I try to call this function again like
   sub{my (@num) = (0, 5, 9); &whatever(@num)}->(),

I get the first call returned and this function call returns nothing.

I'm getting the results from the first function call with the same values.
I want to be able to call the first function with specific values and then
call it again with another set of values So the print out result would be
like this:
  machine 01
  machine 02
  machine 03
  machine 04

  machine 05
  machine 06
  machine 07
  machine 08

Am I using $sth->fetchrow_array correctly or should I be using
fetchall->arrayref instead?

Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Vasquez


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