Perl Mongers Meeting

Garrett Casey canetguy at
Tue Nov 21 15:23:27 CST 2000

Our monthly meeting has been moved to tomorrow, the 22nd of November.
The driving directions are on the web site

Robert, would you email the M-J. Dominus stuff again, my HD failed.

Bruce or Michael: Would you update the web page to reflect the new
meeting date. I lost all my ftp settings... arg.

-Garrett Casey


Well this just sucks.
I just got home to find that this message had BOUNCED.  I am not sure if you all got it....


Hey folks!

Because of an overwhelming attendance at COMDEX in Las Vegas this year,
Garrett is trapped in Las Vegas with no open flights retuning to San Diego
before 10 pm Wed.

Unfortunately, the meeting tonight will be postponed until next Wednesday,
November 22.  Garrett will e-mail everyone tomorrow with updates and plans
for next week's meeting.

I apologize for the last minute announcement.


p.s. Bruce or Michael: Garret asked if one of you might be willing to update
the Web-site.  


Anyway, I am sorry for any confusion that may have ensued.  I was in Las Vegas and
at the last minute, I could not get an available flight out until 9:15pm.  This, of course,
is not good for our meeting.  I called Cyrus and asked him to email the group (my laptop
was not working, arg!) informinging everyone that we had to push tonight's meeting 

I will email THU or FRI with details..

-Garrett Casey


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