ActiveState and spawning commands

Russ Schnapp rlssdpm at
Tue May 30 09:46:44 CDT 2000


> what do you get after running 'identify image.jpg' from a 
command line?

It runs properly from the command line. 

> how about
> system("identify", "image.jpg") == 0 or die "system failed: $?"
> does that fail too?

I assumed that if backtick and opening a pipe fail, system will 
undoubtedly fail, too.  Yup -- I just tried it.  

Actually, in today's test, all three variants (backtick, pipe, system) 
fail without setting $? nonzero!  And yet, the very same command, 
from the command line, works.

>what version of perl are you using?

I think I'm using ActivePerl version 5.20.  perl -v reports binary build 
522, from 11/99.

> did you see ?

Of course.  

> and btw, is identify program in your path?

Yes, though it doesn't seem to matter whether I explicitly name the 
executable or fetch it via PATH.  



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