ActiveState and spawning commands

Eugene Tsyrklevich eugene at
Tue May 30 07:08:25 CDT 2000

what do you get after running 'identify image.jpg' from a command line?

how about
system("identify", "image.jpg") == 0 or die "system failed: $?"
does that fail too?

and btw, is identify program in your path?

On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 06:51:04PM -0700, Russ Schnapp wrote:
> ~sdpm~
> ...and in the same vein as my previous message:  Since IM 5.1.1 
> seemed to work, I tried to roll my own Perl interface, albeit with just 
> the stuff I need to do.  I tried using backtick to run the various IM 
> commands.  For example,
> 	my $id = `identify image.jpg`;
> should get me the raw information I need, and then I would simply 
> parse out what I want.  
> Unfortunately, $id remains empty.  $? is 16384 (0x4000), which 
> doesn't sound good.  
> Of course, opening piped output is just as useless.  I can't be 
> running out of memory -- my machine has 128M.  Then again, I 
> *am* using Win98.  
> Argh!

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