v.1.0E-7 -> v.1.1E-7 update patch, was(Re: Lists (HUMOR)

C. Abney cabney at cyberpass.net
Sat May 27 17:20:59 CDT 2000

This patch will update your current version (v. 1.0E-7) of sail(TM)
to the current alpha release (v. 1.1E-7).

The special transmogrification features are still unavailable to users of
windows... We don't expect this to happen in the forseeable future because
the windows we have seen are opaque, but also because all the windows
we have are broken and vandals reported in the DC area seem intent on
breaking all the windows they can find (to wild cheers of the street mob!)

Industrial Glass Repair and Shinola Conglomerate Corp., Inc. is reported
to be acquiring a solution for their new improved Bullet Proof(TM)
windows, the "Not Glass Windows, Stupid!" product of which some not so
bullet proof releases have been made.  Snickering fools in the back of
the room at the press release implied it to be a Symbolic Gesture to Old
Technology(TM), but it says Innovation 15 times right on the shrink wrap,
so who are we to argue?

Anyway, this version adds Enhanced Technology to Sail, including:
	o Obscure tortuous references, mostly to Schwartzian
	o Obligatory self-aggrandizement, in the form of references
	  to ourself, announcements, and speaking of ourself in the
	  third person,
	o The illusion of stability: third person plural product
	  release announcements (hmm, schizo can hardly be considered
	  stable, or?)
	o The illusion of continued support: We may even fire up our
	  revision control software on this baby,
	o Actual mathematically correct comments,
	o Kewl C-like flow control statements.
	o References to kewl RPGs, and expanded character classes
	  (oh wait, maybe in the next release, but it looks
	  good there next to 'RPG'...)


HonorLeft License.
This license grants you the right to read and use this software for your
personal or corporate use under the restrictions of the honor system.
This is a particularly restrictive and draconian copyright because it
requires you to be honest with yourself -- possibly the most difficult
task known to man.  If you stab your neighbor in the back, you have no
honor left.  Since you have already read this email you have already
agreed to these terms and I own you.  heheheh.

Here ya go:

just do a 'patch sail patch'

(updates for the symlinked 'fail' binary are available.  Just send a
cashiers check, two dead creeping charlies, and a self-addressed,
stamped envelope to the above email address. The two dead creeping
charlies are for my buddy, Tom Waits)

> # CCAbney20000527
> # $Id:$
< if ($#ARGV == 1) {
< 	$numlines = shift;
< } else {
< 	$numlines = 10;
< }
> $numlines = ($#ARGV == 1) ? shift : 10;
< # How to check this is a number?
> # How to check this is a integer?
> 	# Stonehenge magic (A level 5 spell)

Einstein himself said that God doesn't roll dice. But he was wrong. And
in fact, anyone who has played role-playing games knows that God
probably had to roll quite a few dice to come up with a character like
Einstein.  -- Larry Wall                                     C. Abney


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