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C. Abney cabney at
Sat May 27 22:08:28 CDT 2000

Well... I thought it was pretty funny. Thought I'd put Eugene's stuff in there.
And someone might even think it's useful, even if it is a joke <g>

(0)[0318]$ ln -s sail fail
(0)[0318]$ cat sail
#! /usr/bin/perl -w
# Sorts/tails monitor logs ascending, by timestamp, where log has format:
# 5/25/2000 17:28:37 HostA 2250.16 2136.20 0  0
# Changes behavior according to how it is called

use strict;

my $name = $0;
$name =~ s/^.*?([^\/]+)$/$1/;

my $numlines;

if ($#ARGV == 1) {
	$numlines = shift;
} else {
	$numlines = 10;

my $file = shift
	or die usage();

open DATA, "< $file"
	or die "could not open $file: $!";
my @log =  <DATA>;
close DATA
	or die "could not close $file: $!";

# How to check this is a number?
if ( @log < $numlines ) {
	$numlines = @log;
$numlines = -$numlines;

if ($name eq "sail") {
	@log = map {$_->[0]} sort {
		$a->[3] <=> $b->[3]
		$a->[1] <=> $b->[1]
		$a->[2] <=> $b->[2]
		$a->[4] <=> $b->[4]
		$a->[5] <=> $b->[5]
		$a->[6] <=> $b->[6]
	} map { [$_,split /[\/\s+:]/] } @log;

print for (@log)[$numlines..-1];

sub usage
	return	"fail: A Fat tAIL\n",
		"  Usage:\n\t",
		"fail [n] <logfile>\n",
		"sail: A Sorting(Slow) tAIL\n",
		"  Usage:\n\t",
		"sail [n] <logfile>\n";

Einstein himself said that God doesn't roll dice. But he was wrong. And
in fact, anyone who has played role-playing games knows that God
probably had to roll quite a few dice to come up with a character like
Einstein.  -- Larry Wall                                     C. Abney


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