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Fri May 26 10:20:55 CDT 2000

Howdy Everyone!

Well, the DNS has been changed to point to our new server donated by Michael DeVicariis. Thanks Mike!

For everyone who has shell accounts, you now can refer to the server as Yippee!

I sincerely want to thank Bruce Timberlake for all the work he has done on the server to get it up and running. You are the man!!

## Next meeting at

All right everyone; here is your opportunity to here about some POWER PERL! I got a call from a while back ago and they want to host our June meeting. I think it will be very fun and enlightening. I am sure everyone has heard about and knows how popular they are, but did you know that they majority of their system is written in Perl? Did you know that they are heavy into mod_perl with the Apache server? Oh, and by the way, they also use mySQL.

So here you have nearly a billion-dollar corporation using the same tools that any one of us would use to put up a little we page. How do they do it? How do they manage/operate such a large system using Perl, mod_perl, Apache, mySQL, etc.? Well, WE ARE GOING TO FIND OUT!

Our next meeting is June 21st at 7:00.
Location: (I will be providing maps and directions next week).

Not only is there going to be food, drinks, and prizes/giveaways - but their engineers will be talking to us about how they use Perl (and friends) on such a large scale. Also, just think of the personal networking you could do after the presentations!


Please take some time to lock up June 21, 7:00pm on your calendars. Also, invite people you work with or anyone you think may have an interest. The location where we are meeting can easily hold a couple hundred people. Because this will be a pretty large meeting, I need everyone who is planning on attending to RSVP. You can reply to the mailing list, email me at canetguy at, or call me at 858-720-1789. The more accurate numbers we get on who will be attending, the easier it will be to order food.

I am currently talking with some folks over at and more information about the meeting will be available as soon as I get it.

Again, if you know of anyone who has been thinking about becoming a Perl Monger, or would be interested in the meeting should be invited :) There are currently 60 of us San Diego Perl Mongers. I am hoping we can get 100-150 people to show for the meeting (see, it also serves as a membership drive:). I will be contacting local companies and other organization that may be harvesting Perl programmers. Also, messages will be sent out throughout the Perl community. If you have any contacts I should know about - don't hold back.

I am leaving for Las Vegas in 1 hour. I will be there until Sunday night. If you need to get in contact with me, call my house 858-720-1789 and leave a message or buzz my cell phone at 619-417-2136. 

 -Garrett Casey


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