Windoz 95 - perl - mysql

Joel Fentin joel at
Sat May 20 12:16:00 CDT 2000

I have perl 5.6.0 installed in the windoz 95 laptop and it works.
I have mysql installed and it works. I want them to play together.

I was able to download and install DBI. I have been unable to
install DBD::mysql.

Here is some of what I have done in this quest:

1. I connected to my service provider.
   I shelled to DOS and typed PPM. The cursor changed to PPM>.
   I tried the following and more.
PPM> query dbd
PPM> query DBD
PPM> query dbd::mysql
PPM> query DBD::mysql
PPM> search dbd
PPM> search DBD
PPM> search dbd::mysql
PPM> search DBD::mysql
PPM> search dbd*
PPM> search dbd::
PPM> search dbd-mysql
None of this got me anything.

2. I went into cpan and found:

3. These I downloaded

4. I read the readme. 

5. Per the readme, on the DOS command line I typed: 
ppm install

6. I got this message:
syntax error at line 1, col 0, byte 0 at
C:perl/site/lib/soap/ line 73

7. I went into Line 73 reads:
I am in over my head.

At this point, I have no idea what lessons I should be picking up
along the way.

A. Does anyone out there have this going?

B. If I never get DBD::mysql installed, should I try DBD::obdc?

C. Or should I try a different (open source/free) relational

D. If so, which?
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