assuring that all subroutines are defined

John R. Comeau comeaujr at
Thu May 18 13:23:52 CDT 2000

I asked a couple of people about this at the SDPM meeting last night.
The question is how you can be certain that all subroutines called by
your program actually exist.  That is, I'd like a way to find out if
any subroutines are undefined as soon as the program starts to run
instead of waiting until much later when the subroutine is actually
called to find out.

I know this presents somewhat of a problem since new subroutines can
be eval'ed into existence like the following:

    my $sub_definition = 'sub mysub {print "hello\n"}';
    eval $sub_definition;

So it would be difficult for the Perl compiler to know beforehand
whether a given subroutine will exist at the time it's called.

But disregarding this, is there some way to make Perl check that all
subroutines are defined?

By the way, neither 'use strict' nor 'perl -w' guards against
undefined subroutines.


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