Perl Mongers Update.

Garrett Casey canetguy at
Wed May 17 16:39:43 CDT 2000

Howdy Monger!

Here is a little information about up and coming meetings:

Our next meeting is on May 17, 2000 at 7:00pm. Location and directions are on the web page.

The Perl Monger's server is being setup this month.  Hopefully by the 17th, we will be able to create shell accounts for all members.

I will be posting bios of our members on the web site after our next meeting.  This mean that I will need a paragraph or two about you, how and why you use Perl, where you work, your private URL, email address, what you do for fun, etc. On the 17th, there will be at least one digital camera for those who would like to have their picture included with the bio.  If you don't want a bio posted on, don't worry, we won't force it out of you :)

During the May meeting, along with our regular mingling and chatting, we will be talking about advanced data structures in Perl.  These data structures (lists of lists, hashes of hashes, etc.) are constructed using references.  So, try to bring in a small snippet of code where you used such a structure - we will talk about it!!!

Also, bring in any code you want to brag about or have questions about!

There has been no word yet from Randal Schwartz.  I will be trying to contact him on a more frequent basis.



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