Alex Shah ashah at
Tue May 16 10:40:38 CDT 2000

I believe you are missing a '|' in your open statment:

open(PING, "| ping");

will allow interprocess communication to occur, otherwise you will be
opening the file itself.

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Steve Meier wrote:

> Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? What I want to do is look
> at each line that comes in on a ping. Eventually I will add regexp that
> will extract what I want out, but I am not going to worry that until I
> get the basics working. I know this is how you would go about it if it
> was a file that you wanted to look at line by line.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> $ping = "/usr/sbin/ping";
> open (PING, "$ping $desthost ");
> while (<PING>)
>         {
>         printf $_;
>         }
> close(PING);


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