super geek question

C. Abney cabney at
Sat Feb 5 23:29:46 CST 2000

Hey, first time I really addressed this group! Hi!

Ok, I'm going to give you a trick question, cause I want to see how
many Perl-heads are really in this group.  I came upon this the other
day, and want to see if anyone can identify the "problem".  I came up
(all on my very own!  I'm growing!) with a handy idiom for handling
output of a lot of different filesystem related things, 'tar tvfz' output,
long file listings, stuff like that:

	@flist = map { split '\s+', $_; $_[$#_] } @flist;

it does just what I want, but there is a "problem". Can you tell us
what it is?

Chad, if you are lurking, keep quiet or I'll post those pictures of you
and PeeWee Herman!

Thanks for your patience, hope to hear from you soon!

AC #1: Now, if they were to force-evolve code using a genetic algorithm,
       you might get code better than any a human could write.
AC #2: Of course, you'd have to put up with the fact that this would not
       be executable in Kansas.                                 C. Abney


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