Perl/Tk for Mac?

Joe Crawford artlung at
Thu Apr 6 16:43:01 CDT 2000

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Russ Schnapp wrote:
> > But as for integration -check this FAQ answer:
> >
> Ewww!  Sockets?   Ick.
> > What are you trying to *do*?
> My client developed a cute little PERL script that does some useful 
> manipulation to an HTML file.  They need to be able to migrate it 
> from the command line to a GUI, so less god-like folk can use it.  
> These users might be on a Mac, might be on Windows, or might 
> even be on Linux.  Perl/Tk seemed the best way to achieve this.
> Failing that, perhaps we'll have to resort to Tcl/Tk as a (gack!) front 
> end to running the PERL script.  Pretty darned silly, though.  I was 
> already cringing at the idea of making these folks install PERL and 
> then have them use PPM to install Tk.  Making them install PERL 
> and Tcl/Tk would be that much worse, especially for such a simple 
> script.  
> Sigh.  If only I had the time to spend on porting Perl/Tk.  I suspect 
> I'd have to learn A LOT more about Mac OS.

Well - the latest full version of BBEdit (a Mac based text editor) has
perl or rather MacPerl very tightly built into it -- so you can run perl
scripts which will affect your file, however, you'd have to license bbedit
and that would be overkill. BBEdit Lite, though, may be able to have
MacPerl added as a plugin (I think the "Lite" version does plugins) ...
which might suit you nicely.

More on BBEdit from

If you want, I can beta seeing whether your perl script will run out of
the box inside BBEdit. I'll be able to look at that later tonight.

I suggest you take your query to the bbedit talk mailing list. Also at the
barebones site.

	- joe
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