[Saltlake-pm] A special guest: Damian Conway

David Oswald daoswald at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 13:33:44 PDT 2013

Damian Conway (author of Object Oriented Perl, Perl Best Practices,
and numerous CPAN modules ranging from bizarre to really useful) will
be taking the trek from his home in Australia to Utah, and is
available to give a presentation to Salt Lake Perl Mongers Thursday
August 1st.

This is one of those "Don't miss!" events.  Damian is one of the most
interesting and most sought-after speakers on the Perl circuit, and
he's offering.

Here's what we need:

1) A venue.  Our usual home at Bluehost in Draper won't be big enough
for the turn-out I anticipate.

2) A ride for Mr Conway from his hotel in Orem to wherever we meet.

3) Publicity!  This is an opportunity to learn from Damian.  But it's
also an opportunity to show the global Perl Community what the local
Salt Lake Perl Community is made of.  A big turnout will reflect well
on us, and could influence (for the better) our ability to bring other
Perl-related events to Utah.

4) ...the other details; projector, wifi, video recording... do we
want a couple big coolers of carbonated beverages?

A couple of suggestions I've received for a venue are SLCC's Miller
Center, or Thanksgiving Point.  I don't know if either of those would
involve a financial commitment from SL-PM.  I know that we could
reserve a fairly large conference room in the Sandy Public Library,
but while that's a nice library, its conference room is kind of dingy.

If anyone has suggestions please offer them here.

Also we need to decide; should this take the place of our August
meeting, or of our July meeting?

Invite friends regardless of their programming language of choice;
Damian is a really interesting speaker -- Perl just happens to be his



David Oswald
daoswald at gmail.com

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