[Raleigh-talk] ideas for topics for this week's meeting and for future meetings

Brad Oaks bradoaks at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 16:18:22 PDT 2007

I'd like some input on what kinds of topics folks would like to hear about
at the upcoming Raleigh.pm <http://raleigh.pm/> meetings.

If there is a topic you would like to present on yourself, let me know if
it'd be a full presentation or a lightning talk (5-10 minutes) and we'll
work to get you scheduled.

For the meeting in two days, I'm leaning towards giving a talk on GNU Screen
(Item 3 below).  But I'm definitely open to suggestions.


* Some of my favorite talks from YAPC::NA::2007 (Houston)

1) Log4perl - "This talk by Yahoo Engineer and Log4perl author Mike Schilli
addresses common logging challenges, from small test scripts to systems
performing well under high load."  This tool is incredibly configurable can
be applied in simple installations and where your needs might be more
complex.  The slides are online ( http://perlmeister.com/log4perl_yapc.html
I would be able to prepare and reproduce this talk with a few weeks notice.

2) Sub::Exporter - Ricardo Signes is pretty smart and gave an information
packed talk on how to use this better tool for modularizing your code and
allowing others to have more control on how they import your code into their
I would need a lot of time playing around with the basic concepts to be
comfortable fielding any questions about internals, but rjbs's slides are a
decent starting point (as the audio is not included; with audio, they'd be
great).  I'm interested enough in this topic to invest the time for a future
RPM presentation.

3) GNU Screen - Robert Blackwell's talk on "Making an AJAX GUI for GNU
Screen" was interesting enough that there was an overflow crowd for the room
he was booked in at the conference.  The slides are online (
I should be able to give a reproduction of his talk with only a day or two's

4) Perl Critic - Josh McAdams gave an Intro talk and an Extending talk in
Houston.  The slides are online (http://www.slideshare.net/joshua.mcadams/).
I skipped the Intro talk and a fire alarm went off during the Extending
talk, so I'd need more prep work before being able to talk on the subject.

The conference wiki page has a list of the talks:

Only some have slides posted.

* Non-YAPC Talk Ideas

5) Memcached for shared cache across multiple machines.  This application
provides a cache pool for access from multiple machines.  It is the next
step in the logical progression from per-process caching, to shared-memory
caching among all the apache processes on a given web server.  Using
memcached the pool is per cluster.  Facebook, and LiveJournal use memcached
to help reduce the load on their servers.  There are clients written for
most every major language.
My talk would focus on installing the server and on the Cache::Memcached
module that encapsulates the Perl client for accessing memcached caches.

6) Scraping my bank's web interface to archive check images.  My bank
provides images of canceled checks on their web interface.  I'd like to save
those to my machine before they roll off of the two months worth of
statements that are available online.  Cookies would definitely be involved,
but I've had some exposure to coding a client for a cookies-enabled web app
This is in the "merely a concept" phase of development.  However I do not
expect this would be too tedious of task except.  The possible exception
being if HTTPS isn't supported by the tools I'd use.
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