[Purdue-pm] Threads and forks

Joe gizmo at purdue.edu
Thu Oct 22 05:18:15 PDT 2020

On 10/21/20 9:10 PM, Turner, Howard Robert wrote:
> Greetings again everyone.
> Looking for some advice. I'm writing a small program that talks to a
> webserver and ends waiting for a connection back from the webserver.
> Problem is I can only figure out to have the call back handled or my
> Perl program continue processing but not both. 
> Started reading the Perl threads tutorial but it suggests not using
> threads and then started reading about fork instead. So a little
> overwhelmed in figuring out which one is "the right way". 
> Anyone have suggestions and/or tutorials they'd suggest reviewing beyond
> the ones on perldoc?


In the past for async stuff I've used:



Lots of stuff in the IO::Async distro, like Promises and such.

As for web stuff...

Mojo is really good for that.




As with all things Perl, There's More Than One Way To Do It.

Although..we try to push the Modern Way and Best Practices ;-)


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