[Purdue-pm] Perl Weekly Challenge - 026

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Sun Sep 22 17:19:34 PDT 2019

My blog entries with my solutions are in


Four different ways to count the number of letters
in one string that occur in another.  The different
solutions are
    o  array-based
    o  cross-product based
    o  hash-based
    o  set-based


Computing mean angles of a given list of angles in
degrees.  Perl 6 apparently does math using numerical
approximations instead of symbolically like Mathematica.
I suspect Mathematica would compute exactly the right
answers.  It would be nice if the Perl developers would
update Perl to have the technology that Mathematica has
had for over 30 years.  (That would be a lot of work
to do correctly for the general case.)


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