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I know that there are some cheerleaders for the coming of Perl6 amongst us,
and Gabor Szabo is interested in pushing Perl6, with a series of tutorials
and now a book on Web Apps.

Gabor is a solid choice for this project, and I hope that, if you have
interest in Perl6 and the web, you support it.

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I have started to write a book about "Web Application Development in Perl
As I don't want to invest tons of time writing a book that no one is
interest in,
I decided to run a crowdfunding campaign in which people can express their
interest by buying the book up-front or even contributing a larger sum of
(and getting more perks).

You, who are subscribed to my Perl 6 newsletter are probably quite
in the success of the languages. I think having a book about web development
in Perl 6 can have great impact on that.

So I'd like to ask you to support the crowdfunding effort.

Please review the outline of the book and the whole crowdfunding
offer: http://perl6maven.com/book  and send me your feedback.

If you can support it with money.

If you like it, recommend it to your peers.

thank you!

Gabor Szabo                     http://szabgab.com/
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