[Purdue-pm] Reminder: Purdue Perl Mongers TOMORROW in EE

Dave Jacoby jacoby.david at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 06:16:53 PDT 2016

Hi, all!

This is just a reminder that tomorrow is Perl Mongers. We'll be back on
campus, meeting in EE317 at 5:30pm, where I will be talking about using
Mail::IMAPClient to handle your mail.

This will be followed at 7pm by HackLafayette (*) Open Source Food & Beer &
Chat at Lafayette Brewing Company. Be warned; they're starting to tear up
and rebuild the sidewalks in front of LBC on Main Street, so plan on
parking a little bit further away.

If talking about programming and computing one night this week is not
sufficient for your needs, Conlin Durbin is starting Beer.js/lala, where we
talk about Javascript. Next meeting is pencilled in for Friday, but the
where and when have not yet been made known to me.

(Beer is not a required aspect of either beerJS or Open Source Food & Beer
& Chat)

Coming later in the month is Open Source Coffee and Chat. I believe it's
2-4pm Sept 25th at Fuel, but check the Meetup.

And then, October 1 will be Thunder Talks at MatchBox. Talks include Neo4J,
Xamarin and our own Ken on OpenCV.

* HackLafayette is the entity that used to be called Greater Lafayette Open
Source Symposium. The name and branding have changed, but people and
purpose remain the same.

David Jacoby     jacoby.david at gmail.com
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