[Purdue-pm] Trying Again - coming meetings, site change and more

Dave Jacoby jacoby.david at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 08:27:55 PDT 2016

I had called this "$site->url, $meetings_16->next, $meetings_16->last and
more!" and I think the server blocked it. Sorry if this is a repeat.

Having decided that having our meetings in MatchBox is ... let's say
**problematic** when none of our regular members are MatchBox members,
we've gone back to campus. Our next meeting will be September 14th at
5:30 in EE317, and will be on MAIL! Not SENDING mail this time, but
handing the deluge that you receive and notifying about the messages YOU
care about.

We have the same room through December, and because December gets to be
a crowded time in our schedules, we've decided on the return of
"Starship Mongers"! That's a Lightning-Talk format with one rule:
"Everyone Talks. Nobody Quits." It doesn't have to be Perl. It doesn't
have to be computing. Ben Cotton of Hack Lafayette said something "you
could do this, but you shouldn't". We have months to think of it, and
more free-form is always good, too.

(At this point, when I say "we", that's Dave Jacoby and Joe Kline. If
you want to join "us" and be part of the organizing cabal, we do our
planning on IRC. irc://irc.freenode.net/#glossy)

(Did I get that right?)

And in a final "we" statement, we've moved the website from
http://purdue.pm.org to http://purdue.pl. We also keep a calendar on
Google+ and meetup.com/hacklafayette.

Hack Lafayette is a re-badged GLOSSY. Ed Finkler decided that explaining
GLOSSY is too much of a hindrance, that Hack Lafayette makes it clearer
what the group is. Nothing else is changed: There's still Open Source
Food & Beer & Chat at Lafayette Brewing Company. There's still Open
Source Coffee & Chat at Fuel. There's still Thunder Talks.

Speaking of which: Thunder Talks is October 1 at MatchBox, from 2-4pm.
Two talks have been set: Ed Finkler on Graph Databases and our own Ken
Schweickert on OpenCV.

So, that's everything scheduled. This leaves two things to talk about:
October and November. We have two scheduled meetings without content.
Any suggestions on a topic would be greatly appreciated. Volunteers for
presenting would be appreciated further.

David Jacoby     jacoby.david at gmail.com
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