[Purdue-pm] YAPC 2016 Perl Conference

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Thu Jan 21 12:28:03 PST 2016

YAPC::NA is short for "Yet Another Perl Conference, North America".

The 2016 conference is reportedly going to be held in Orlando Florida at
a hotel.  Some of the conferences in the past have been at colleges
using cheap student dorm housing.  See yapc.org for more about YAPC
conferences held around the world.  See after my signature for the
official annoncement of this meeting.  Go to the web page listed after
the annoncement to sign up for the YAPC mailing list.

Usually at least some of the talks from the conference are put on the
web.  For me, it has not always been worth the time or expense to go to
these conferences in the past.  They do not consist of All Perl, All The
Time presentations---there is a lot of down time for meals, social
events, etc.  What works best for me is watching the recorded talks I'm
interested in on the web.  Some people find the conferences worthwhile
though.  This conference will probably be more interesting than some of
the past ones because of all the work being done on Perl 6.  Most of
the YAPC technical talks are of high quality.

Mark Senn, Systems Programmer, Engineering Computer Network, Purdue University

From: YAPC Admin <admin at yapcna.org>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 13:54:08 -0500
To: announce at yapcna.org
Subject: [YAPC::NA Announce] YAPC::NA::2016 Update #2 -- It's Orlando!

Hello fellow Perlers!

I am pleased to be able to bring you the news we have all been waiting
for!  We know the wait hasn't been easy, and so the YAPC::NA 2016
organizing committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you
for your patience.  It's been a long road getting to this point, but
thankfully we have finally secured a location that best fits all of our

Throughout our search we considered and visited venues in Maryland,
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kansas, Florida, and Washington D.C..  Many
people spent countless hours putting out feelers and soliciting bids.
In particular, we would like to give a huge thanks to the DC/Baltimore
Perl Mongers and the Detroit Perl Mongers: their efforts were invaluable
in this process, and we hope that we can eventually bring YAPC::NA to
their fantastic cities.

It is with great enthusiasm that we happily announce YAPC::NA 2016 will
be held Sunday, June 19th through Friday, June 24th at the Downtown
Doubletree Hotel in Orlando, Florida!

The main event will run from Monday, June 20th through Wednesday, June
22nd.  Master Classes, training, and other activities will be held on
the 19th, 23rd, and 24th.  We highly encourage you to attend all days,
but especially look forward to seeing you at the Main Event.

We'll be opening up the new website, registration, call for talks, etc
over the next month or so.  Please continue to watch your email for
future updates.

Thank you,

Dan Wright
YAPC::NA::2016 Lead Organizer
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