[Purdue-pm] Perl 6 advent calendar

Mark Senn mark at purdue.edu
Mon Dec 5 05:12:27 PST 2016

The following is a quick summary of Perl 6 articles in the Perl 6 Advent
calendar at https://perl6advent.wordpress.com.  More articles will be
posted there through December 25 or so---I won't be posting about what I
thought about stuff there again.  There are perl5 advent calendars and
others but I've moved on to Perl 6.

FROM 2016-12-01

Getting information from git using Bailador (Dancer for Perl 6).

FROM 2016-12-02

Bioinformatics with Perl 6

FROM 2016-12-03

Object Hashes

FROM 2016-12-04

Covers so, all, any, one, none, zip, permutations, pick, element, subset,
tc (title case), one way to send email with Perl 6, junctions (a variable
representing several values at the same time), etc.  These functions are
one of the big reasons I switched to Perl 6.

FROM 2016-12-05

You may want to skip this for now---they'll probably be better documentation
on this somewhere else.  Covers traits, class, is, mixins, etc. but is not
a good explanation for Perl 6 beginners in my opinion.


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