[Purdue-pm] Administrivia Mail : Next Meeting?

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Aug 15 12:47:21 PDT 2016

  > TL;DR: Reply responding to
  > * on-campus: yes/no
  > * Wednesday before Food & Chat: yes/no
  > * I am interested in : (TOPIC)
  > * I can present on: (TOPIC)
  > Message Body:
  > Thanks to Ken for his talk on OpenCV. I've already turned his talk into
  > something I can "practically" use, adding "do I see an upper body?" to
  > my automated picture-tweeter code. Good job.

I didn't attend his talk but got interested in computer vision and so on
after hearing of his talk and reading Dave's picture-tweeter code.  I'm
writing a program to highlight and count the number of baseball fields
in Tippecanoe County in Mathematica 11 (which just came out a few days
ago).  One can print a satellite image of Tippecanoe County, with line
on border of county, plus a little bit of the image over the county line
in one line of code in Mathematica 11.  You don't need to know anything
except Tippecanoe County, Indiana, United States to do this.

  > And, thanks to Joe, we have moved from http://pm.purdue.org to
  > http://purdue.pl (a change I'm waiting to be blessed by the Perl
  > Foundation)

(I prefer pm.purdue.org---purdue.pl doesn't include Perl 6 enough to suit

  > We could go forward with the same Hack-Time and Hack-Location for next
  > meeting, which would be September 14th at MatchBox. However, Broc is off
  > his feet for the next few days and Wally hasn't been coming, so we are
  > without an attendee with a MatchBox membership. I can usually get in
  > just by knocking or standing at the door, but this seems dishonest.

I agree.

  > Plus, the hope that we'd get more non-Purdue attendees by moving
  > off-campus seems to have been a bust.

I agree.  

  > I suggest we move back to campus, but with an evening meeting instead of
  > the lunchtime. If possible, same time -- 6pm Wednesday -- but on campus
  > rather than downtown. I could try to get WSLR 116 again, or we could try
  > to get a room more centrally located.

I prefer around lunch but evening is ok.  I like on campus much better
than downtown.

  > So, please respond with your boolean vote on returning to campus and
  > sticking to Food&Chat Wednesdays.
  > Also, we need to start planning for the content of September's
  > meeting. I have a sense of what I can talk about and what I'm
  > interested, but if I'm the only one interested, turnout is low. So,
  > everyone post a topic you're interested in and one you feel like you can
  > present on. It does not have to be Perl-related or even technical, but
  > that's toward our mandate.
  > My votes:
  > * on-campus: yes
  > * Wednesday before Food & Chat: yes
  > * I am interested in : Machine Learning
  > * I can present on: GeoCoding, DBIx::Class

Mark Senn's votes:
on-campus:                    yes
Wednesday before Food & Chat: ok with me, I don't Food & Chat
I am interested in:           Mathematica and Perl 6 (not interested in Perl 5)
  and autonomous, adaptive traffic signal systems that support
  vehicles with a complete range of different priorities. 
I can present on:             (too busy with other stuff in short term)

  > David Jacoby     jacoby.david at gmail.com

Mark Senn <mark at senn.us>

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