[Purdue-pm] The MatchBox Experiment: Final Thoughts

Dave Jacoby jacoby.david at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 09:36:45 PDT 2015

Over the last few months, we've ran an experiment, moving from
Tuesdays over lunch in Whistler to Wednesdays after work at the
MatchBox, followed by GLOSSY Open Source Food & Beer & Chat at LBC.

We've learned several lessons (first: bring your own DANG HDMI
cables to MB), and I certainly don't regret it, but from discussions
with Joe and Michael, we might do on-campus after-work, as we have
done before.

Or not.

    Location -- MatchBox? WSLR? Some other building on-campus?

    Time -- After work? Lunchtime? I'd suggest 7:30-8:30am if I
    thought anybody would go for it, but I sincerely doubt it.

    Day -- Wednesday was chosen to make the Mongers -> GLOSSY
    transition easy, but with campus not being quite as easy
    walking distance from LBC, we might look into other days.
    Although, it's almost Tuesday, Wednesday or no-day for me.

Any comments at all about when would be a good or bad time to Monger
would be appreciated.

Joe Kline is presenting at PPW just before our expected meeting,
and will re-present that talk for us next month, so that's on-deck,
wherever and whenever it occurs.

David Jacoby     jacoby.david at gmail.com
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