[Purdue-pm] Purdue Perl Mongers meeting

Mark Daniel Ward mdw at purdue.edu
Tue Oct 21 04:30:41 PDT 2014

Dear Mark,

I have a meeting today at 11:30 AM and cannot attend (I am sorry!), but 
I would love to see these Cherry MX keyswitches sometime.  I am 
particularly fascinated by keyboards.

I love the Matias Tactile Pro series of keyboards (which use Alps 
Mechanical Switchs), but lately I am really impressed with the Das 
Keyboard, which comes in Cherry MX blue, brown or red models.  I have 
the brown model (rather than the blue; I could never use the red model, 
because I need the tactile feel when I am typing).  The brown is a 
little quieter than blue, and I was worried that I was upsetting all of 
my colleagues with my loud, constant typing.  I program and type a huge 
amount, and I always leave my office door open.  So right now I have 
swapped by Matias Tactile Pro (which is only available in the one 
model--those Alps switches are very loud!) for a Das Keyboard with the 
Cherry MX brown switches.

Your insight about keyboards is welcome!  I'm always interested in such 


On 10/21/14, 7:21 AM, Mark Senn wrote:
> There is a meeting today (Tuesday, October 21, 2014) from 11:30--1:00pm
> (chitchat is from 11:30--noon, official part of meeting starts at noon)
> in WSLR 116.
> I'll be bringing Cherry MX keyswitches (keys for computer keyboards)
> to try out.  People often talk about Cherry MX keyswitches based on
> what color they are---the colors are listed in parentheses.
> linear               45 (red), 60 (black)
> tactile              45 (brown), 55 (clear), 80 (gray)
> tactile and clicky   50 (blue), 65 (white), 80 (green)
> There will two of each type of keyswitch (with and without O-rings).
> The O-rings make them quieter and a tiny bit mushier to the touch.
> If no one else has any presentations I'd like to brainstorm with
> the rest of the group regarding a proposal for a scalar feed operator
> for Perl 6.
> -mark
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