[Purdue-pm] Picking a programmer

Mark Daniel Ward mdw at purdue.edu
Thu Aug 21 08:24:49 PDT 2014

I think it's important that the person can communicate well.  They need 
to be able to work with other people to understand the content of the 
programming task, the motivation, the impact, the users, etc.  They also 
need to be able to document their code, if you want a really high 
quality product.

On 8/21/14, 11:11 AM, derrick wrote:
> I'll throw out the ideas of:
> 1. problem solving
> 2. curiosity
> 3. creativity
> I'm interested in curiosity and creativity because requirements for 
> projects are rarely well defined with first given. There ends up being 
> a few revisions/clarifications as each side interprets them. Being 
> able to figure out what people really want and tease out the use cases 
> seems to be more of an art than a science.
> Understanding multiple programming paradigms (functional, procedural, 
> object oriented, vector) is more interesting to me than knowing 
> multiple languages. I feel that language is a lot about knowing the 
> correct syntax, a little about understanding peculiarities between 
> languages. Knowing how to think through a problem using a paradigm 
> allows you to approach a problem from many angles, weighing the 
> benefits of each.
> dsk
> On 08/20/2014 11:29 AM, Ken mcNamara wrote:
>> If you needed to hire a programmer for an important project...
>> What do you look for?
>> Multiple languages?
>> System agnostic?
>> Prefers programming to eating/sleeping?
>> What qualities make a good programmer?
>> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
>> KenMc
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