[Purdue-pm] Meeting in one Week

Dave Jacoby jacoby at purdue.edu
Tue Mar 12 08:29:48 PDT 2013

In almost exactly one week, we'll be getting together for the next 
scheduled meeting of the Purdue Perl Mongers.

Do we have ideas for topics?

The one thing I have is a curiosity on unit testing. Writing tests is a 
subject like "eat right", "exercise", "back up your data" and "use 
revision control", in that I'm convinced by society that these are the 
right things to do, but in practice, I find myself at a loss on how to 
go how I currently do them to the glorious new world where I do things 

My issue isn't how to use the *.t syntax and testing modules. My issue 
is knowing what to test for in the first place. Once I know what to test 
and how to test, the syntax can and will be learned.

I could pull out a module or two and we could determine what should be 

Or, we could do something else.

Dave Jacoby
     Code Maker, Purdue Genomics Core Lab
         391 days until the end of XP support

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