[Purdue-pm] Meeting Ideas? Both Micro and Macro

Ken mcNamara alexmcn at tds.net
Thu Jun 13 02:52:33 PDT 2013

As a remote member I thought I'd add my 2 cents.

I joined the group because I because I'm interested in expanding my knowledge of Perl and keeping track of any really special events at Purdue (such as Stallman's visit).
I made my living with Perl at AT&T and still freelance - so my fundamental reason is financial.

I'd be interested in attending meetings online and occasionally coming to Lafayette (90 minute drive).  I might even be able to do a presentation on some subject (although I'm pretty much a plodder).

After hours meetings about Perl would probably need more than beer to attract people - maybe a Schwartz visit?

I think the Purdue group could attract people from across the state (because of it's connection to Purdue).

How have other Perl Mongers groups dealt with this problem?


Ken McNamara
Pendleton, IN

On Jun 12, 2013, at 4:30 PM, Joe Kline wrote:

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> On 06/11/2013 04:40 PM, Dave Jacoby wrote:
>> First, Micro: I've done some things with Perl and found some things
>> about Perl that I think I could go on about a few of them? Do we have
>> interest?
>> Second, Macro: The website said we have WSLR 116 "through May 2013", and
>> it is now June 2013. Rick is checking scheduling as I type this, but it
>> opens up possibilities. I have heard some requests for an after-hours
>> meeting, as a brown-bag meeting in the parking hole of a major
>> university a large "go away" sign to people outside of the Purdue
>> community. So, should we do a 7pm meeting again? Other ideas?
> Nothing really. I do think I solved Mark's Challenge.
> I am for an after-hours meeting somewhere, if for no other reason than
> to get non-Purdue folks involved.
> As for beer places...
> * upstairs at LBC?
>   - Might not be doable, but doubt it
> * Puccini's
>   - In the realm of possibilities
> * People's
>   - Not a good space for it
> * Walt's Other Pub
>   - doable
> I think if we wanted to do a technical presentation in a beer setting a
> project would need to be provided.
> I'm not sure of any other bar-like places that have a room that we can
> use. Once the Matchbox gets setup that could be a place for tech and
> social meetings.
> Another thing might be to chip in to get a meetup.com account. I know
> that GLOSSY had a boost in attendance after it created a meetup.com account.
> joe
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