[Purdue-pm] Meeting Ideas? Both Micro and Macro

Joe Kline gizmo at purdue.edu
Wed Jun 12 13:30:07 PDT 2013

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On 06/11/2013 04:40 PM, Dave Jacoby wrote:
> First, Micro: I've done some things with Perl and found some things
> about Perl that I think I could go on about a few of them? Do we have
> interest?
> Second, Macro: The website said we have WSLR 116 "through May 2013", and
> it is now June 2013. Rick is checking scheduling as I type this, but it
> opens up possibilities. I have heard some requests for an after-hours
> meeting, as a brown-bag meeting in the parking hole of a major
> university a large "go away" sign to people outside of the Purdue
> community. So, should we do a 7pm meeting again? Other ideas?

Nothing really. I do think I solved Mark's Challenge.

I am for an after-hours meeting somewhere, if for no other reason than
to get non-Purdue folks involved.

As for beer places...
 * upstairs at LBC?
   - Might not be doable, but doubt it

 * Puccini's
   - In the realm of possibilities

 * People's
   - Not a good space for it

 * Walt's Other Pub
   - doable

I think if we wanted to do a technical presentation in a beer setting a
project would need to be provided.

I'm not sure of any other bar-like places that have a room that we can
use. Once the Matchbox gets setup that could be a place for tech and
social meetings.

Another thing might be to chip in to get a meetup.com account. I know
that GLOSSY had a boost in attendance after it created a meetup.com account.

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