[Purdue-pm] Composing a Talk

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Nov 26 12:38:17 PST 2012

  > So, help me outline this. What ARE the latest developments in Perl?
  > Clearly, Perl 6 as a) a new language and b) a skunk works for new
  > ideas for Perl 5. Artful ways of saying "Perl is Alive" without
  > saying "Perl isn't Dead". Other thoughts?

A tiny start:

Perl 5
    Perl 5.16.2
    parallel perl, including Grid::Machine
    Raspberry Pi Perl
        over 25,000 "distributions of software written in Perl"

Perl 6
    rewrite of Perl from the ground up but still feels like Perl
    Parrot, from http://www.parrot.org:
        Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and
        execute bytecode for dynamic languages. Parrot currently hosts a
        variety of language implementations in various stages of
        completion, including Tcl, Javascript, Ruby, Lua, Scheme, PHP,
        Python, Perl 6, APL, and a .NET bytecode translator. Parrot is
        not about parrots, though we are rather fond of them for obvious
    Parrot language interoperability        
    Rakudo Star 2012.10
    smart matching
    user-defined operators
    some Perl 6 improvements make it in to Perl 5

Perl Mongers
    255 Perl mongers groups as of 2012-11-26
    Purdue Perl Mongers


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