[Purdue-pm] Programming Perl, 4th Ed: Should I?

Dave Jacoby jacoby at purdue.edu
Mon May 21 10:19:31 PDT 2012

On 5/21/2012 12:43 PM, Mark Daniel Ward wrote:
> It was just $29.19 back in March on Amazon.  It's still $32.99 (40%) on
> Amazon at present, with free shipping and no tax.  Just FYI.  Of course
> you might not like supporting the huge website Amazon either....  Just a
> thought....

I didn't catch that sweet spot. I don't always have cash on hand when I 
want it.

I have bought another O book as an ebook, and I like that if I buy from 
Tim himself, I get the no-DRM pdfs and epub, readable on whatever I 
want, which I don't get if I get the book via Amazon or B&N, but I know 
there's a premium for that.

But that doesn't touch the reason I want it. As long as I'm at Purdue, I 
can read it on Safari. (OK, not right now. I'm going to have to ask 
about that.) The point of buying it is so I can have 1 through 4 on the 
same shelf, to show my continued loyalty to Perl and to O'Reilly.

I'm not conflicted in liking and promoting Perl. I'm not conflicted in 
liking and promoting O'Reilly books. I'm not sure that, even at ~ $20 
off cover, it is what I want to do right now.

Dave Jacoby
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