[Purdue-pm] Programming Perl, 4th Ed: Should I?

Mark Daniel Ward mdw at purdue.edu
Mon May 21 09:43:46 PDT 2012

Dear Dave,

It was just $29.19 back in March on Amazon.  It's still $32.99 (40%) on 
Amazon at present, with free shipping and no tax.  Just FYI.  Of course 
you might not like supporting the huge website Amazon either....  Just a 

FYI, if you (or others) on this list haven't seen it yet, I strongly 
recommend  camelcamelcamel.com  as my favorite site on the web, because 
it allows me to do Amazon price tracking, and it notifies me if a book 
drops to my desired price, and it doesn't cost me anything.  It has been 
my favorite website for 2 years now.  If you buy books from Amazon, you 
should know about this site, for sure.  You'll wonder what life was like 
before you saw it.  A guy in Chicago runs this site in his spare time.  
I learned about it years ago from the NY Times.  Enjoy!



On 5/21/12 12:38 PM, Dave Jacoby wrote:
> Since O'Reilly knows I have Programming Perl 3rd (and 2nd, and 1st), 
> they take 40% off the $55 and offer it to me at $32. Free shipping, 
> potential tax (haven't hit "go" yet) so $35.
> I want it. But I'm not yet convinced.
> Most any technical issue I hit, my first (and normally only) step is 
> to type "my technical issue" into Google and find the answer. My 
> primary use of Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Guide is to lift my laptop 
> roughly two inches. I'm not yet convinced that I will use it. I think 
> I want it inpaper for about the same reason I want to get Mockingbird 
> Time by the Jayhawks on CD: I have the previous works in physical form 
> and my continued collection trumps my rejection of the form otherwise. 
> My logical self recognizes this as a problem.
> So, should I pull the trigger?

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