[Purdue-pm] Disconcerting News about the website

Dave Jacoby jacoby at purdue.edu
Fri Jul 27 07:33:33 PDT 2012

Our wiki, pm.purdue.org, is on CSociety's computer. CSociety is down for 
the second day.

I find this disconcerting, because I'm the web guy and because I run the 
majority of my personal stuff on that machine, which leaves me, among 
other things, without the demo code I was planning to use for a 
Javascript Hackathon I'm running next week.

I have written the admin group, but seeing how the contact address is 
admin at csociety.org, there is a slight problem with that.
Dave Jacoby
     Code Maker, Purdue Genomics Core Lab
         619 days until the end of XP support

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