[Purdue-pm] question about Das Keyboard

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Sep 26 05:29:10 PDT 2011

    mdw> I figure that Perl enthusiasts are probably typing enthusiasts
    mdw> too?  (If not, please forgive this unsolicited email!)  I'm
    mdw> wondering if any of you have used the Das Keyboard or perhaps
    mdw> have one in your office?  I have been thinking about taking the
    mdw> plunge to one of these:
    mdw> http://www.daskeyboard.com/model-s-ultimate/
    mdw> I currently use a Matias Tactile Pro 2, so this wouldn't be a
    mdw> huge change for me, but I'm just hoping to see one in person
    mdw> before I make the leap.
    mdw> If you have a Das Keyboard or know of one on campus, I'd love
    mdw> to know about it.  Thanks!

I haven't used either of these but highly recommend one feature of the
Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Keyboard: no inscriptions on the keys
(blank keys), forcing one to touch type all characters.  I've used a
TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard with blank keys and love that feature.
(The TypeMatrix 2020 with Dvorak-only labeling (it doesn't come blank)
is my all-time favorite keyboard---hands are furthur apart on the 2020
than the 2030. See http://www.typematrix.com/shop/ for more info on the
2020 and 2030.  Disclosure: I don't get anything from recommending,
havenn't invested in company, etc.)

I'll be giving a talk to the Purdue Human Factors and Ergonomics
Society on October 20, 2011 it will be named something like one of the
following (haven't decided for sure yet):

    Computer Keyboard Design

    Computer Keyboard Design: Pessimal on Purpose and How to Fix It
    (pessimal~=pessimistic~=bad, optimal~=optimistic~=good)

    Computer Keyboard Design: Why is Something Used So Much Designed
    So Poorly?

    Computer Keyboard Evolution

Attendance is free.  Details are at
I'll put the notes on the Internet after the talk.


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