[Purdue-pm] Meeting this Tuesday, Sep 20th

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Tue Sep 20 11:38:57 PDT 2011

    Rick Westerman wrote:
    > Mark says [Prezi -mark] is good for the K-to-4th grade crowd

What I was trying to say was techers in K-8 are very interested in
Prezi.  I hate it.  Its special effects with little affect as far as I'm
concerned.  It yanks the person watching here and there leaving them
confused about where they have been.  People need structure when trying
to learn stuff the first time.  Most Prezi presentations don't provide
that structure.

I hate PowerPoint too, so do some other people---most notably
Edward Tufte.  See
    Google for "Edward Tufte powerpoint"


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