[Purdue-pm] Meeting this Tuesday, Sep 20th

Mark Senn mark at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Sep 19 07:24:30 PDT 2011

  > I'll give my Pittsburgh Perl Workshop talk, Bring Perl to a
  > Python/Matlab Fight.
  > Won't be polished but it'll give me a chance to give it in front of a
  > live audience. :-)
  > joe

First, I see you've chosen your opponents carefully and left out
Mathematica.  That's a good choice.  Mathematica is a great system
that is better than Perl in many ways.

I've done problems 1--4 of the Purdue Math Department's "Problem of the
Week" [1] with Mathematica.  I plan to do problem 5 using Mathematica.
You may want to demonstrate how to do them with Perl.

I'd be interested in hearig how Matlab's symbolic math capabilities
(algebra, calculus, etc.) compare with Perl's.

By the way, months ago I announced a challege problem: finding
the longest and shortest trip state capitals trip.  I haven't heard
of a Perl solution from a Purdue Perl Monger yet.  Does anyoe have
a solution?


[1] http://www.math.purdue.edu/pow

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