[Purdue-pm] Conflict with WIFi security

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 15 17:30:38 PST 2010

Of course Perl doesn't have much to do with WiFi security ... but our  
meeting Tomorrow (Feb. 16th) has a conflict with the following.  So  
we might expect a few less people.  Or maybe since the WIFi talk  
continues after 1:00 post-lunch (and probably really does not start  
until then) people who are interested in it can come to PM and then  
leave for WiFi.


Just a reminder that we have Bob Morrow coming tomorrow to talk about  
Wi-Fi Security from
noon to 2:30.

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) is by far the most common wireless computer  
network, and the relentless
tide of sophisticated attacks make security of this system critically  
important. Dr Bob Morrow will address
several Wi-Fi security threats, including disclosure, data integrity,  
and denial-of-service attacks that can
bring a network to its knees. Simple propagation analysis can  
determine a target network's vulnerability to
  eavesdropping and jamming. The weaknesses of wired equivalent  
privacy (WEP) are legendary, and Bob
will discuss how these are addressed through the IEEE 802.11i  
standard with improved authentication,
key distribution, and encryption. methods. Finally, he will provide a  
summary of simple ways that wireless
security can be improved beyond simply implementing 802.11i.

Come bring a lunch, here what this expert in security has to share.  
It will
be held in STEWART 310.


-- Rick

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