[Purdue-pm] large file access

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Wed Feb 10 03:57:09 PST 2010

On Feb 9, 2010, at 10:05 PM, Joe Kline wrote:

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> Something brian d foy brought up in his Effective Perl class.
> http://www.effectiveperlprogramming.com/blog/44
> Not sure if the genomics folks deal with large files or not :-)
> Could be useful.

     At least it is another tool to consider.   Almost always I do  
not slurp in the file but rather read it a line at a time to  
determine what to do with that line (e.g., transform it; extract  
information from it; ignore it).   mmap would be a good replacement  
for slurp if such a need arises.

Although I suppose I should try it as a replacement for the normal  
open.  Doesn't seem like it would make any difference though.

-- Rick

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