[Purdue-pm] Mongers: Jan tech meeting

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Wed Jan 2 08:01:37 PST 2008

   I did some correction to the Dec meeting notes.

   For the Jan technical meeting, here is an idea:  5 minutes from each 
person on a neat part of perl 5.10 that you enjoy.  And/or a part of 
5.10 that is making you go "huh, what is that all about?"   I know that 
Dave gave an overview of 5.10 last meeting but that was before 5.10 was 
officially released.   What I am thinking about is everyone focusing on 
one specific detail of 5.10 that they enjoy or hate.

   For the delta changes from 5.8 see:


   Of course if anyone has a non-5.10 talk that they would like to 
present then that would be great as well.

-- Rick

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