[Purdue-pm] Last-minute reminder -- YAPC::NA 2005

Gerard Lim glim at mycybernet.net
Thu Jun 16 21:41:00 PDT 2005

Here's a last reminder about Yet Another Perl Conference, North
America (YAPC::NA 2005)


In case anyone out there has been sitting on the fence or has been
meaning to register but has put it on the backburner until now,
here is a final information package.

Dates:    Mon - Wed June 27 - 29, 2005  (11 days from now!)

Location: 89 Chestnut Street,
          University of Toronto,
          Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Due to recent renegotiations with the conference facility and hotel,
89 Chestnut, there are still a few rooms left.  For details on
accommodations go to:


For quick and easy booking:

    89 Chestnut Phone:        +1-416-977-0707
    Conference booking code:  perl0626

The base rate is approx. CAD$80/night, which is *great* for downtown
Toronto.  Add in taxes and in-room high speed internet and it's up to
about CAD$95/night.  Book yourself to check-in on Sunday the 26th and
check-out on the morning of Wednesday the 29th.

Conference Registration

Registration is easy and cheap - only USD$85 - see


for details or register directly online at


The schedule is awesome -
>From here, click on the "Day 2" and "Day 3" spots near the top to go
from page to page.  Click on a talk name to get details regarding the

Speakers include Larry Wall, Allison Randal, Autrijus Tang, Brian
Ingerson, Andy Lester, chromatic, brian d foy, Chip Salzenberg & Dan
Sugalski... and many more!

[ This message was sent by Gerard Lim <glim at mycybernet.net> on
  behalf of the YAPC::NA 2005 Conference organizing committee
  of the Toronto Perl Mongers.  Thanks for your patience and
  support. ]

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